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Cooler Drain Blocked? Nomore Clog Can Fix That

WINNIE, TEXAS July 11, 2011 - Ever get back from a relaxing hunting or fishing trip only to have it ruined by the frustration of trying to drain your cooler? Nomore Clog is your solution.

The Nomore Clog easily attaches to most Igloo, Rubbermaid and Coleman coolers, as well as most others that have removable drains. It prevents fish, game, plastic bags and whatever else is floating around in the cooler from blocking the drain when you�re trying to let water out. And it prevents you from having to continuously stick your hands in a cooler full of ice water to help the water drain.

�I am a deer hunter and I got frustrated when trying to drain excess water from my cooler full of meat,� said David Lange, an avid outdoorsman and Nomore Clog inventor. �I tried different things and I came up with the Nomore Clog. It works every time. I personally guarantee it.�

Nomore Clog is made of the same food-safe plastic as cooler drains. It locks tight and stays put during transport and is easy to remove, which makes for easy cleaning.

�I have it in every one of my ice chests and wouldn�t do without it,� Bruce McNeely, a deer hunter and owner of McNeely�s Wildlife Feeders in Sulphur, La., said. McNeely became such a fan that he decided to sell the Nomore Clog in his store. �It�s a real good product.�

Nomore Clog is essential for the 28 million fisherman, 14 million hunters, 43 million tent campers and the more than 6 million overnight hikers in the United States. Consumers who are looking for a trouble-free cooler can benefit from the product as well.

�I tell every customer that if they are not satisfied with their Nomore Clog, I will give them their money back,� Lange said. �After selling thousands, not one has been returned.�

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About Nomore Clog
The Nomore Clog is a product of Lange Enterprises. The Nomore Clog has been featured in Texas Fish & Game, Texas Outdoor News and The Beaumont Enterprise. It is made under U.S. Patent No. 7,681,740 B1. It is available at for $9.99, plus shipping.

About Lange Industries
Lange Industries is a Winnie, Texas-based company that was founded to sell and promote the Nomore Clog and to provide a quality product that satisfies every user. The company's sole goal is to make every cooler in the U.S. trouble free.


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