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Your Cooler Drain Keeps Clogging Up...

Your hands are wet, your fingers are freezing cold, and you can't help but be frustrated when you should be enjoying your trip. Sound familiar? Well, you're not alone. That's the usual experience when you are trying to drain your cooler. It seems that anything at all will clog up the tiny drain hole on most coolers! Ice Bags, Labels, Fish, Shrimp, Crawfish, Deer Meat, and even Ice itself keeps clogging up your drain... time and time again. What if there were an attachment that will guarantee that your cooler drain never stops up again, no matter what you have in your cooler?

Never get clogged again... get Nomore Clog today!

Introducing Nomore Clog, the amazing device that keeps your cooler's drain plug from clogging! Nomore Clog's patented design prevents objects from forming a seal around your cooler's drain and therefore clogging it up. No matter what you throw at Nomore Clog... ice, plastic, fish, meat, bags, paper, cardboard, drinks... whatever you put in your cooler, Nomore Clog will keep it away from your drain.

Nomore Clog is installed in a few simple steps and is attached to your existing cooler drain. It will install in the most common coolers including Igloo, Coleman, Rubbermaid. Nomore Clog mounts flush to your cooler wall and slides into place so shifting of your cooler's contents won't dislodge it, snap it off, or damage your drain. Nomore Clog faceplate slides off easily for quick cleaning.

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